Bike Dr. Derek Featured in Cycling Quarterly magazine #CyclingThroughAutism

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

I remember the first time Derek expressed he wanted to own and operate a bicycle repair business. It seemed like such a huge undertaking, especially since we didn't know anyone with any bicycle repair experience. We tried coaxing him into doing something that came easier to us, but kudos to Derek for his self-advocacy and determination. He repeatedly expressed to us that bicycle repair is what he wanted to do and he was adamant about it. What's even more remarkable is that bicycle repair is not something that comes easy to Derek. There are a lot of variables in repairing bicycles; it requires skills that are often challenging to him, but yet he continues to forge ahead. His resilience through the process of learning bicycle repair has been amazing to observe. It was a clear indicator to us, that Derek had found his passion. While the journey has not been without obstacles, it has certainly been well worth the ride. With support from his family and amazing community members, Derek has been able to create a meaningful future for himself and is featured in the 2019 Spring Edition of the Cycling Quarterly South Florida magazine: Way to go Derek!!!

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