Say hello to Derek's new logo!!!

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

He loved his old logo and many others felt the same, but here is why Derek decided to evolve it.

A logo represents the very essence of a business and symbolizes the personality of its founder and the culture it develops from its founding. People purchase items that possess certain logos. Organizations communicate its hope for communities by way of its logo, and teams unify for wins under the umbrella of its logo. Yes, logos unite people, tell a story and establish bonds.

Derek, much like his business has matured. Therefore, he felt the need to help his business logo mature alongside with him. Derek needed a brand he could grow into, and not grow out of. This new logo is both mature and fun. It represents his growth both as a person and bike mechanic. That is why Bike Dr. Derek has decided to invest time, energy and money to develop a new logo that will transcend time, cultures, abilities, disabilities and unite people via a common passion for bicycles.


The Bicycle and the rider are one. They are co-dependent, just like an entrepreneur and his business. They cannot exist one without the other. This Logo carefully embodies the positive future that awaits both Bike Dr. Derek and its founder. Striking a perfect balance between work and motivation, Bike Dr. Derek, like the bicycle, is always moving forward.

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